Monmushk: a word combining monkey and babushka! Oh my little girl I love her!

Gaga’s abc - for Glasses.

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the vhs player [in your bedroom] is broken

Happy Birthday my Artist, I’m really proud of what you became and I really love to see you growing up ♥

Lady Gaga Grammys
I would fall apart, if you break my heart…

According to fans who met Lady Gaga backstage in Oslo:


-Lady Gaga bought a house
-Lady Gaga will be giving us a surprise for Christmas, but her fans shouldn’t expect a full album.
-Her and Taylor are extremely happy together, they’re like best friends.
-Marriage? Taylor must ask her first.
-Lady Gaga said she kept the BTWB stage…

I will always be stronger than the current I swim against.

@stevenkleinstudio@ladygaga #ladygaga SK+LG @ Frank Sinatra school having a conference

@ladygaga: Off to Sweden on the bus! #artRaveStockholm what a great show tonight in Oslo! Haus party on the bus! #cheektocheek style !


Lady Gaga is touched by fans at artRAVE Denmark

The Danish Lady Gaga fanbase had arranged to hold op signs reading “Thank you” as she sat down to play Born This Way. At first she only sees a few, but then she looks over her shoulder, sees hundreds of them and it is as if she realizes all these people, this entire arena is there to see HER. 

Incredibly touching!


A special Thank You to Pia Wise for recording this beautiful video

@ladygaga: The @Starbucks Edition of #CheekToCheek with Exclusive Cover is out now!